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RECENSIONI > Grazia Francescato

Marina Virdis

"the scent of cistus haunted me
for years, in the streets
of foreign cities, under unknown stars.."
F. Fresi

"The scent of Cistus must have followed Marina for years too, in the streets of Rome and of the world: a light breath, often mingled with foreign odours and humors, always on the point of vanishing. but never lost. On the contrary: that scent of Cistus from her island , tenacious like everything that is Sardinian, has followed her obstinately year after year,while she made her way as a graphic-designer and c committed member in the women’s mouvement (...)
It now clamorously takes its revenge –that subtle, obstinate fragrance of Cistus – when Marina, back on her land, ties the knot with her origins, expressing all her strenght and the intensity of her return with a creative instrument which is her most congenial: painting.
Here then are born these watercolours, "naturally" born in nature, like the flowers and plants which are the protagonists, known and loved in an artist’s solitude which is not such after all. Who can keep you a better company than a light blue chicory flower, a sea lily or a big cork-tree, when the human soul recognizes them as part of herself, as near and friendly as a human being and perhaps more" (...) The way Marina means painting is a way to express the total immersion in Gaia, Mother earth, the deep contact with the energy exhaling from flowers and plants and conveying itself into her work. (...). The scent of Cistus is there, secretely persisting. scent of Sardinia, of rediscovered land and soul."

Grazia Francescato
Journalist , former president of WWF Italia