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Marina Virdis

“(….) She wrote to me that she believes that botanical paintings have an inherent sense of “wonder energy” generated by nature and this inspires people to discover in them-selves an openness and love for life and beauty in the world around them. Her passion for Gaia , or Mother Earth, has taken her back to live in Sardinia since 1992. She has had many solo-exhibitions in lovely places in Italy, showing two groups of paintings, the first described as The Rose Garden”, whose subject is old roses. The other group of paintings is “Gaia’s flowers” watercolours of wild flowers from the Sinis peninsula, near Oristano in her native Sardinia. (….) I saw her work at the R.H.S. and acquired this Erythrina crista-galli, a decorative member of a Leguminosae. Called the Coral tree, it comes from South America, but she painted it in Sardinia where it grows very well. One of her other pictures was bought for the Lindley Library of the RHS, which is expanding its collection of contemporary botanical paintings”
Shirley Sherwood

Writer and Collectionist - Judge of Botanical Painting Committee of the Royal Horticultural Society and Honorary trustee of the American Sociey for Botanical Artists

Quoted from A passion for Plants, contemporary botanical masterworks, Dr Shirley Sherwood, Cassel &Co, London 2001